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Forum Rules

Post by Thugzz on Mon Aug 10, 2015 5:17 pm

1. General
1.1: Don't start flame wars. Any dispute must be done privately, such as Private Message or IRL duel.
1.2: Respect people of both server and forums.
1.3: Don't post things in quick succession on one topic if you made last post, if you wish to say something else, edit your previous post.
1.4: Don't keep spamming random things.
1.5: If you are bothering someone and are told to stop by either the person himself, or by a staff member.

2. Staff Applications
2.1: You must fill all spaces on your application. If this is not done, it is automatically denied in 24 hours.
2.2: If you are demoted, you must obtain permission from all SAs to make new application, or wait 183 days(6 months).
2.3: You must wait month before making new application after Denied. (If you made it on 3rd August, you may make next one on 3rd September).
2.4: Troll applications will be auto-denied and you will need all SAs to give you permission to ever make another application.
2.5: Anyone may give their opinion on application, such as ''+Support''.
2.6: Moderator apps need atleast one SA support to be accepted.
2.7: Admins need all SAs to support to be accepted.

3. MPF applications
3.1: You must fill all spaces. Automatically denied in 24 hours if not done.
3.2: Be serious on your application.
3.3: IC part must not break any Universal Union laws.
3.4: You may not have any Anti-Citizen points. It is automatically denied.
3.5: You must wait a month until making new app.
3.6: CmD and SeC can deny or accept. Other CPs 01+ can give opinion.


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