Loyalist Points and levels.

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Loyalist Points and levels.

Post by Thugzz on Mon Aug 10, 2015 8:12 pm

1-5 Points

  - Reporting level one/two violations

  - Handing in level one/two contraband

  - Cleaning

  - Light labor tasks

  - Assisting authorized workers

  - Attaching to an approved light labour session

 -  Wiping, mopping, etc.

5-10 Points

 -  Reporting level three violations

 - Handing in level three contraband

 -  Assisting Civil Protection

 -  Partaking in an scheduled propaganda event (rallies, etc...)

 -  Assisting in an approved moderate labour session (construction)


 -  Reporting level four violations

 -  Handing in level four contraband

 -  Saving the life of a loyalist or Civil Protection unit

  - Assisting re-arrest or providing information to the recapture of a biotic

 -  Partaking in  approved heavy labour (extensive, extended labour sessions)


 -  Saving the life of CAB administrative assistants


 -  Saving the life of the City Administrator


Black - 5 points

- Can Join Civil Workers Union.
- Loyalist status.

Brown - 15 points

- 2 Rations during Ration distribution.

Red - 25 points

  - Access to the Criminal Action Pardon. This means a loyalist can use this ONCE during his duration of stay in Civil Society to clear any anti-civil points during a time when it is suitable. It is usable only one time and cannot be used to void amputations (eg. once you reach 12 points, you're unable to use it as well).
  - A letter of recognition from the Administrator, provided he is informed.

Blue - 35 points

- Authorised Procreational Activity - The act of intercourse between two blue tier loyalists in a monitored apartment (a telescreen will suffice).
- A meeting with the Administrator on the meaningful topic of your choice.

Green - 50 points

- Bypass of Application and interview in CCA, going straight to training.
- 3 Rations during Ration Distribution
White - 65

- Host a ceremony at 100 points in cohesion with the Administrator.
- Attend meetings regarding the status of the City
- Require review from the CAB to amputate.


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